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A Woman’s Independence

Ask yourself are depending on others for a number of your needs, or are a number of others depending on you? Remember no one is watching and listening but you, so you can tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you don’t tell yourself the truth, you’re only lying to yourself, making a fool of yourself and creating problems for yourself and your future.

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Live In The Truth

The truth is absolute, it’s the same today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. When time calls for you to speak, speak the truth and speak it well.

Becoming consciously aware of your real feelings is a powerful way to, “live in the truth” and be true to yourself. Ask yourself how you really feel about situations and be truthful about your feelings. Acknowledge and admit your feelings to yourself, being honest with your self at all times. This Self-Truth shall be your foundation! If you’re not living truthfully with yourself, surely you can’t live in truth with others and the universe.

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Don’t Limit Your Thoughts

Don’t confine yourself by limiting your thoughts and beliefs about you. Your present circumstances may affect your thoughts but they’re not permanent. Circumstances can, do and will change! They may have an effect on you but aren’t the deciding factor in life, so don’t limit your thought’s and belief’s to what is now.

You’re not what’s happening to you right now. You’re how you handle what’s happening to you right now! I’ve always felt you should leave a relationship or situation the same pleasant loving way you entered, never thinking less of yourself but learning from that interaction. We must extract positive information and relieve ourselves of the negative, allowing ourselves to grow forward. You’re the person traveling through your present surroundings; you’re not the surrounding itself.

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Letting Go Takes Self Love

Ladies if you’re waiting for a man to leave his wife/lover/girlfriend for you, “You’re wasting your time.” But for the heck of it, let’s say he does leave her, what makes you think he wont do the same to you he’s doing to her. That man lacks integrity and can’t keep a commitment. You’ll end up the fool and paying a serious mental, emotional and spiritual price!

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Being The Authentic You!

To become your authentic self, you must begin by taking the time to get to know yourself. You must seek and gain the knowledge of understanding human nature. Take an awareness break; What can you change and what can you not change, your personality habits, learned behaviors, values, sense of fairness in society, needs, goals, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses and motives. You must merge these to form your own model of how you interact with people.

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Open Your Heart and Mind to Awareness

One day something in your brain will click and you’ll become aware of just what you’re suppose to be doing! At that moment you’ll be drawn into a new yet unknown place of being, meant for you. It may scare you but at the same time you’ll be at ease in the not knowing state, because your faith will take over and you’ll open up to learn what you need on this journey of discovery.

You’ll be willing to surrender everything in order to move towards your destiny. You’ll be aware of what needs to be done and do it. It’s going to upset some people because you’ll no longer have time for their crap, you’ll outgrow some relationships and start living beyond others opinions. Some will become extremely confused because you’re so clear. They’ll try to make you feel you’re confused but don’t worry about their lack of clarity.

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Believe In You!

There are times when we believe in everything and everybody but ourselves. We tend to search for mentors, role models and teachers, when they all exist within us, we’re complete.

We’ll never receive a more brutal beating than the one that we inflict upon ourselves. We make one mistake and we count ourselves out before we get started. He who says he can and can’t is always right!

We beat ourselves down into a state of depression and don’t forgive ourselves and move forward. Dwelling in that shallow puddle of water and have misery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Have A Good Opinion of Yourself

You carry yourself, the way you feel about yourself. So if you walk around thinking less of yourself, you’ll act like less than you really are. Sending inner messages of defeat, unworthiness and being against yourself with self-pity, harsh judgment and holding on to errors of your past stunts your growth. Whats on the inside will eventually show up on the outside! If you will just change your opinion of yourself and start seeing yourself as the masterpiece you really are doors will open and the greatness meant for you will appear in your life. It’s a must that you see yourself in a loving manner.

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