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Letting Go Takes Self Love

Ladies if you’re waiting for a man to leave his wife/lover/girlfriend for you, “You’re wasting your time.” But for the heck of it, let’s say he does leave her, what makes you think he wont do the same to you he’s doing to her. That man lacks integrity and can’t keep a commitment. You’ll end up the fool and paying a serious mental, emotional and spiritual price!

What is it about you that makes you settle for somebody that you know will cheat on you, will lie to you, will make a commitment and then break it? Are you lying to yourself? Saying he won’t do that to me! You better think again, because you’re lying to yourself again. What is it about you that you believe about yourself, that makes you willing to settle for that? Set a higher standard for yourself and love, honor and respect yourself more.

Men and women, we should love ourselves enough to not allow another person to mentally, physically or emotionally abuse us. This is a total betrayal of ourselves! Women you shouldn’t be with a man that treats you bad! Men you shouldn’t be with a woman who treats you bad. I’ve always said, “love me or leave me alone, I’m fine either way! I’m a peaceful person and you’ll respect that or I’ll leave.”

Ask yourself: Does he/she really make you happy and feel good about yourself? Be honest with yourself about the extent to which he/she is meeting your needs. Chances are you’re longing for the relationship you wish it could be and that you want to be in love with the person you wish he/she were. There are times when you break up with somebody and you start missing them and you start thinking about all the good things. But I assure you there were at least 10 reasons you broke up in the first place. Don’t lie to yourself about what it was really like, glorifying the past and minimizing the crap. Don’t wait around because you think he/she going to change. The best forecaster of future behavior is past behavior, so the odds that he/she is going to have this great metamorphosis and bring you all the joy you deserve is slim to none.

Don’t put your life on hold. Every minute you spend standing in crap, is a minute that’s holding you back from “Enjoying A Better You!” Set some goals and start putting your life back together.

Be clear with him/her! “You have to love yourself enough to say hell no, I wont stay in this place with you! Get out of my life, stay away from me and don’t call me anymore!” Change your number if you have too!

Let go and learn to trust again by opening up and trusting yourself. How much you trust another person is a function of how much you trust yourself to be strong enough to deal with their imperfections. Have enough faith in yourself to be able to put yourself on the line with someone, without any guarantee of what will happen next. Don’t beat yourself up about past experiences, be aware, admit, accept, acknowledge your responsibility for what happened forgive yourself and the other person and move forward.

But in order to do that you must get out of the bad place you’re in and let go. The love you desire and is meant for you is out there but you must be open to receive it. You must clear the crap from your life to make room for love to enter.

All of us come into relationships with baggage, but you need to have closure on past experiences before starting a new relationship. Unless and until you’ve closed out the old you’ll never come into a new relationship with a fresh heart, mind and attitude.” You must heal yourself in order to be ready for a new relationship. Sometime you have to let go and make room for the beautiful blessing coming your way! Love yourself enough to let go!

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