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“Enjoying A Better You” is for you and about you, assisting in your learning to have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and others.

“Enjoying A Better You” is specifically designed to help you discover some important truths about yourself, others and the world around you.

“Enjoying A Better You” promotes being conscious of “the you” that goes beyond “the you” that you see in the mirror. It empowers you to live in and act upon your truths, finding your passion. It’s extremely important you get in touch with your self-worth and discover the tremendous value of your being. I really believe in the power of our thoughts and its ability to change our lives for the better. We become what we think; we must think and become more loving, honorable, respectful, kind, compassionate, decisive, confident and productive. When living in truth and acting upon those truths, we grow into our authentic being, living a more fulfilling life. Knowledge of self promotes self-love and a greater desire to do positive things for you, society and the world. I’m grateful to share what I know works and encourages you to start, “Enjoying A Better You.”



Vera Fairall

I have completed the purchase.


Thanks for your purchase, I’m grateful, I hope you and your kids are enjoying the book.


Let’s just say…Ganovia has made me a morning pesorn! About a year ago I did a month long detox and gave up coffee as well as other things that were not serving my body. I missed coffee so much that I researched a way to have something “like coffee but healthier”. I came upon Ganovia and read the ingredients and realized it seemed like a perfect match for what I was trying to find. The superfoods that are mixed in with the delicious instant coffee are so healing to the body that I feel like I am doing something so special for myself in every cup I drink. I feel so good and the spike and fall that I usually get from a typical cup of coffee is long gone. I am so thankful for my warm, smoking, delicious cup of healing coffee I have everyday!!!!!!.. It’s much better the Starbucks and more importantly it’s healthier.

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