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Open Your Heart and Mind to Awareness

One day something in your brain will click and you’ll become aware of just what you’re suppose to be doing! At that moment you’ll be drawn into a new yet unknown place of being, meant for you. It may scare you but at the same time you’ll be at ease in the not knowing state, because your faith will take over and you’ll open up to learn what you need on this journey of discovery.

You’ll be willing to surrender everything in order to move towards your destiny. You’ll be aware of what needs to be done and do it. It’s going to upset some people because you’ll no longer have time for their crap, you’ll outgrow some relationships and start living beyond others opinions. Some will become extremely confused because you’re so clear. They’ll try to make you feel you’re confused but don’t worry about their lack of clarity.

As people in your life begin to know who you are, they’ll become comfortable with you. Knowing what to expect from you and what you expect from them. Awareness is a beautiful self loving thing you should be grateful for. It’s a starting point of growth and if you get a little off track, sit and ask the divine spirit to guide you. You’ll soon find yourself on track again growing onward and upward.

So when your brain clicks and you see the light be thankful for awareness! You don’t need anyone to approve your thoughts, ideas or insights. Once you’re aware you can never be a victim of what you know. Turn it over to the divine and enjoy the light that shines form your heart and mind!

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