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The Altar of Sacrifice

When your dreams or goals aren’t coming fast enough and you get frustrated, you may be holding on too tight. You must let go and let God handle it, showing trust and faith he’ll come through. Choose to be happy regardless of life’s circumstances, circumstances change and you should always have faith in your dreams coming true.

Release it to God and watch God work!

Just say, “God I desire to have positive results in my life and I pray in the name of Jesus for it. I’m releasing it to you to do as you will. I have faith you’ll take me where I’m supposed to be. Amen!” Then take positive steps toward your dreams and desires worry free and wait earnestly!

Don’t become so consumed with your dreams, wants and desires. Surrender all and let it go. Lay it on the “altar of sacrifice” and let it go! When one door closes another opens on your road to your destiny. There’s freedom in giving up control, it belongs to God not you. Put on your coat of love and peace, knowing the divine spirit has control and you’ll get what’s yours in due time.

So relax! You don’t have to be worried or frustrated, God is working overtime for you. If you put your trust in the Lord you’ll never be permanently disappointed. You can be happy right where you are, so be grateful. God has it all figured out. Anything you feel you have to have the enemy will use against you. So lay it on the alter and move freely and peacefully. Put it in God’s hands! He’s the one that gave you your dreams, and also laid the blueprint for you to follow.

He’ll make setbacks a comeback. Release your worries and concerns to God, your best days are ahead of you.

Lay it on the “Altar of Sacrifice” and let it go!

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